About Clean Getaway Soap Company:

From our soap laboratory in Denver, we hand make the finest soaps on Earth. Using original recipes, traditional methods, and a whole lot of sass, we create bar soaps that are as luxurious as they are beautiful. Working only in very small batches, we achieve rich, gorgeous bars in an ever-changing array: Scrubbing Soaps, Shaving Soaps, Smooth-Lathering soaps and soon to come, Liquid Soaps.
Partners in business, life and love, we have been exploring soap making and stretching the medium to its limits since 2008; and, we are pleased to offer our products through our Etsy shop as well as in person at a wide variety of locations. Click over to Get Some for information on upcoming markets, fairs, shows and shops near you. Clean Getaway Soap Company, where nothing is sacred.